What is WoodSculpt?

​WoodSculpt is an effortless and efficient way of contouring the body without harming the skin or tissue. It helps fight cellulite, tone and eliminate stored fat and also give a natural buttocks lift without costly, painful or invasive plastic surgery.

Benefits of WoodSculpt:

Woodsculpt is 100% natural, non-invasive, activates the Lymphatic System, eliminates toxins, speeds up metabolism, breaks down cellulite, tones, and tightens! Many clients see results after first treatment.

PureSculpt & WoodSculpt Consultations:

Consultations are complementary and required.  At your PureSculpt and/or WoodSculpt consult, our specialist, Natalie, will discuss the areas you’re wanting to treat and your desired results, so she can tailor a personalized treatment package for you.

Before & After